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This is the Green Whale Challenge. 100 Challenges. 10 Levels. Will you dare?
Earn up to 250$ every 10 levels, for a total of over $5,000 once all challenges completed.

Applied for listing on CMC & CG on July 7th
Official Contract (ERC-20): 0x7ffdaf6ada63bab2132c30b1fd3cc59d07257f4f



A unique web3 project on the Ethereum blockchain.Every challenger can enter the Green Whale Challenge with a one-time fee of $25 in $GWC tokens.


Phase 1

Creation of $GWC token, website and socials.

Successful Fair Launch on the Ethereum blockchain.

Fast listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Opening of the Green Whale Challenge - Welcoming the first challengers.

Launch of the $GWC NFT Marketplace.

Marketing V1 - Influencers, callers and social marketing.

Phase 2

Q3-Q4 2023

Marketing V2 - Partnerships, listings, real-life marketing.

Q4 2023

10,000+ challengers

Launch of the $GWC Mobile App.

Certik Audit.

CEX Listings following community's votes.

Phase 3

Q1 2024

Launch of the first web-browser version of the $GWC Metaverse, with an immersive experience to complete the challenges.

100 Challenges achievable by anyone, regardless of skills.

Discover new challenges by stepping out of your comfort zone

Discover new challenges by stepping out of your comfort zone

Each challenge is verified by an administrator

Each challenge is verified by an administrator

Unlock the levels and reach the reward stages

Unlock the levels and reach the reward stages

Low Taxes

4% Tax On Every Buys And Sells.

Smart Allocation

2% Marketing, 1% Liquidity, 1% Cash Prizes.

Limited Supply

1,000,000,000 Tokens, 50% Burnt At Launch.

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It Is Time To Give A Real Mission To The People, On An Equal Basis, Regardless Of Gender, Age, Budget, Competence. The Green Whale Challenge Is Not A Time Trial. It Is An Opportunity For Each Of Us To Unlock Skills, Life Goals And Most Importantly, Money. Anyone Can Be Victorious Once The 100 Challenges Are Completed And Validated By Our Team. Honest And Fair-Minded People, Who Have The Courage To Face These Trials, Will Come Out On Top. Cheaters And People With Bad Intentions Will Be Disqualified.

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Unlock your potential

We offer you a chance to discover and showcase your skills and abilities.

Face your fears

Complete the 100 challenges, demonstrate your courage and determination. .

Achieve Your Life Goals

Every 10 levels completed can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Get things done

The best way to stay motivated and focused on achieving your objectives, one challenge at a time.



100 Steps Different Categories
  • Sports
  • Adventure
  • Social
  • Creativity
  • Fun activities
Push-Ups x10
Tweet Comments x30
Homeless Help x1
Draw Memes x5




  • 1. Is there a link with the Blue Whale Challenge?

    Although the name is similar, Green Whale Challenge aims to succeed where Blue Whale Challenge failed, by offering challenges that are accessible to all, without individual or collective danger, pressure, stress, money request or any other demand that could harm the challenger.

  • 2. How to start the Green Whale Challenge?

    To access the 100 challenges of the $GWC, you will have to pay an entry fee of $25, in $GWC tokens at the current exchange rate. Once the proof of transaction is sent to our support, the first trial will be sent to you and the challenge will begin.

  • 3. How to buy $GWC with Metamask or TrustWallet?

    If you are using Metamask or Trustwallet to get some $GWC, you just need to connect the Metamask plugin on Uniswap or Dextools, verify you have enough ETH to do the transaction, including the gas fees, then you will be able to click on the Swap button to buy as many $GWC as you like.

  • 4. How will each challenge be validated?

    Each proof of challenge will be validated by a member of our team within 24 hours. We have tools to identify false evidence and disqualify cheaters.

  • 5. Do I have to show my face to enter the challenge?

    The Green Whale Challenge is completely anonymous and no team member will ask you at any time for personal information, passwords or other confidential data. So you can participate without having to show your face or the face of your relatives.


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